Post College Grad Budget: Beauty in the Pantry

I must say, I am poor. Seriously, today at work I scrounged up a quarter to slip in the Reeses Pieces candy machine for lunch. Then I put two dollars in my gas tank to make it home from work (preventing ending up on the side of 169-crying).  In times like these (when gas is 2.89/g) it’s a little embarrassing to put two measly Washington’s in your tank. Beyond being poor, I love to read glamour magazines. And in the depths of the pages are features showcasing all of the lovely beauty products I could waste my money on. However, I’m getting by with handfuls of 25 cent candy for lunch and a hungry gas tank. Do you think this justifies me purchasing a $30 dollar container of hand cream?

But I am here to tell you we must not fret. There is a slit of beaming light in the tunnel of post college grad darkness. And it starts with your local grocery store. Here is a look at my favorite beauty buys. You can find in your kitchen.

Sea SaltOlive Oil1. Olive Oil + Sea Salt

I’m always a little out of my element when I carry a bowl of sea salt mixed with olive oil to the shower with me. But in the end, I feel like a Victoria’s Secret spread in Maxim. I’m so soft. I feel airbrushed and sexy. After you shave in the shower all you have to do is rub this business all over your legs like exfoliate and call it a day. Or a night, because who could go to bed by themselves with your new Barbie legs. Wink wink 😉

2. Water + Oatmeal

Although oatmeal tastes delicious with a little brown suga, it will do wonders to your hands. Hear me out. You don’t need to warm the concoction up, all you need to do is mix the two elements into a thick mush and rub your hands all up in its business. After? Hands softer than angel wings.WaterOatmeal

3. Graham Crackers + Whipped Cream

My dad recently purchased a gigantic, fluffy, lustful box of chocolate covered donuts  (with sprinkles). [!]. So instead of buying those super expensive boxes of gold Little Debbie 100 cal lemon cakes, let us resort to something cheaper. If you fancy a doo | lup of whipped cream on to two graham crackers and put that creation in the freezer. You have yourself a cheap, frozen treat. Only about 120 cal. Have a nice life iced cake donuts!

4. Raspberries

I understand the seeds get stuck in  your teeth and the token bitter buggers find their way into your mouth a time or two, but raspberries can really do wonders for cramps. That’s why you should eat them. And if Mama is stocking the fridge with fresh fruit, you might as well run a train over the raspberry container.

5. Lemon Juice

1. Mix some lemon juice with some water. 2. Put in cheap (dollar aisle at Target) spritz container. 3. Spray on your locks. 4. Stand out in the sunshine. 5. Insta-highlights. This beauty tip is a giveaway, but I bet you didn’t know this. If you have dark hair and want light low lights, mix cranberry juice with water. Vooalah!

So there you have it. A summer dedicated to saving money and sacrificing quality time to your kitchen (ignoring the time spent pouting at the donuts container).

Me: “Did you know you have to walk an entire football field to burn off an M&M??”

Dad: “Width or length?”

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2 Comments on “Post College Grad Budget: Beauty in the Pantry”

  1. Shannon
    June 2, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    These are AMAZING ideas.
    Thank you 😀

    • June 3, 2010 at 3:20 am #

      Your welcome! And they really do work 🙂 Finally…I’ve found something to do with the pantry besides consuming everything. haha

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