Dedicating My Tassel to Advertising

About a week ago, I struggled to toss those two tassels over the right side of my cardboard cap. I sweat in my gown as 1200 college grads received their diploma. I swallowed a few burning tears as a Robert Frost poem was read in a slow yet punching manner. I pinched my skin and bit my lip for it. I danced the night away one last time with my best friends – at a college bar. I drank beer from a red cup. My tassels slapped my open eyes every time I turned when I heard my name. The cap fell off into a sea of black capes whenever I blinked hugged a peer.

You get it. I graduated.

Looking back at my college career, I learned to love many things. I learned to love a Heineken keggerater. I learned to love Pinesol Wipes. I learned to love all of the vacuum lines in my mother’s immaculate family room floor. I learned to love rainy days fit for the library. I learned to love microwavable feasts. I learned to love driving down Summit Avenue belting it out to Bon Jovi with my roommates, while eating cheesecake.

And I learned to love Advertising. I wanted to be an anthropologist going into school. And I wanted to write. In a intricately braided way, advertising was a cool mix of both. To make a long story long, I enjoyed getting into the minds of the people (consumers) and expanding a message by giving a voice to a brand.  I want to dedicate this blog post on some of the most important widgets (if you will) I’ve learned about the industry.  Ironically enough, I did not learn them in lecture.

  1. Brands that are controlled well, build out from themselves. Everything talks.
  2. Pirates are the greatest brand of all time [discuss] because they are consistent with their promise.
  3. Always look at the whole idea – brand story. You don’t need to disperse the message as long as you have a great brand story.
  4. The way we communicate influences what we value. Pop culture influences what we value.
  5. Our focus should not be on emerging technologies but on emerging cultural practices. -Henry Jenkins
  6. “Think like a dandelion.” Ideas are not a one hit thing. Ideas are carried into the wind and the cost of distribution is the word. The internet is the wind.
  7. Do stuff that gives people a role = interactive.
  8. Do things that earn their own attention (if you want to relate to people).

My ultimate favorite advertising advice: To be yourself. “Don’t be afraid to show your personality because in advertising it’s all about how well you can communicate with people.” (sometimes something so simple, can be so difficult to understand).

And with that, I’m out. I’m staring gallantly at my tassel and cap – hanging on my mirror. It feels good to be a gangsta graduate.

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