Is Blogging Like A$$ Wiping?

I was with my lovely and spunky friend Kelly yesterday and we were sipping lattes at the local coffee shop. Kelly is always opinionated, that’s why I love her. Her truth is everywhere besides the tip of her tongue, waiting to be voiced.  She tells the funniest most honest stories and after hearing an incredibly detailed story about a parallel parking experience I told her,

“You need to start a blog.”

After these words sputtered from my mouth she looked at me like I had told her there was urine in her latte. Then, the truth came out.

“You know what? I would never start a blog. I think I’m even going to delete my Twitter. It serves no purpose to me. I wanted to think otherwise but really, blogging and twitter is a bunch of people wiping their @$$ and hanging it out to try in cyber space.”

I wanted to argue with her. I have grown to love and appreciate Twitter. Twitter is not just a place to rant to people about your neighbors untrimmed lawn (another reason I’ve been living at home for too long).  Twitter is a place to network (you could talk to the CEO at Best Buy if you really wanted) in a casual and non-threatening environment.  I’ve heard numerous success stories about people roping in jobs from Twitter. And the first place I heard about the sink hole in Guatemala, or Justin Bieber’s broken foot….you’ve got it: Twitter.

But I remained quiet, because she moved on to blogs.

“And blogs are even WORSE. All people do is rant about crazy nonsense that no body cares about; ‘hey listen to what I have to say- I want people to listen to me.’ I mean, I understand Facebook and MySpace, because those are places to network, keep in touch with your friends and post photo updates…but blogs are for people to voice their (and rant) their (usually stupid) opinions.”

I wanted to argue with her. People have received publishing deals off of their blogs.  And blogs to me are like going to the electronic library to read about what others have to say.  They’re interesting and just as engaging at Facebook or MySpace. Besides, I would like to think WordPress is a little classier than ‘Take-my-picture-in-the-mirror-MySpace.’

But then I really got to thinking – is my blog really a place for me to rant and watch at my (withering) reader numbers?  I do gain extravagant recognition when more than 2 people read my blog a day, but is it because I’m glad I’m sharing information or because it boosts my self identity?  Is blogging and Twitter just a bunch of toilet-paper-butt-smearing-material? Or does it really serve a purpose in our world?

You decide…

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2 Comments on “Is Blogging Like A$$ Wiping?”

  1. June 2, 2010 at 6:39 pm #

    Blogs are the new thing for sharing information and opinions. Granted, some of the information/opinions are stupid and useless, but it’s a matter of filtering it and just following what and who you like, as with anything else.

    I haven’t gotten aboard Twitter yet. It took me long enough to join Facebook! Something else to consume time!


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