I’ve Got Pride & I’m Taking It For a Ride

We all have our vices; maybe we drink milk straight out of the carton or forget to shut the cupboards.  Or bite our nails, get extreme road-rage, text and drive, sleep in until 1 P.M. . .

One of my main vices?

I have an extreme pride-maintaining issue.

Here’s how it goes. My pride is an extremely important thing to me. I want to keep it and hold it close, I never want to lose it.  When I come close to losing it, I will do whatever it is in my power to keep it around and cherish it. Having pride is having a high sense of one’s personal status i.e. the positive emotion created by praise or independent reflection. (thanks Wikipedia). I’m out of college now, so I can officially use that as a valid source.

Most of my pride is generated from self-reflecting my personal relationships with people. Specifically my personal relationships with men. I won’t call a dude because I would rather gain pride-points when the phone rings and it’s him.  See what I mean?  I won’t approach him myself on account of gaining recognition in watching him approach me. Ding, ding, ding – and my personal status is heightened!  It’s a frustrating cycle, but so satisfying when it works and my pride is fulfilled.  But my pride needs to take the high road from time to time.

Like confidence can become arrogance, pride can become coward-like.  Why stitch up your pride all the time when you could be approaching people, outgoing and even more self-achieving because you asked someone out and took the plunge? I think my pride can get in my way sometimes and it’s hard to push.  It stops me dead in my tracks, from trying something new (and being embarrassed I make a fool out of myself).   However, I do believe pride (and maintaining it) isn’t completely a bad thing. Phil Vassar said it himself and I’ll say it again; “I’ve got pride and I’m taking it for a ride. Bye, bye baby, bye bye.”

Pride can be good.  You just need to know how and when to utilize it.  In the “what’s the worst that could happen” situations, I think ‘who cares about your pride’ should be your ultimate attitude. It’s utterly useless in a situation where exemplifying your pride could be possible with approaching a guy at the bar, or asking a question you think is dumb. Your personal status is bettered if the guy digs you or your question is answered.

But in situations where it’s time to get out or a relationship and move on with your life, feed your pride – take it for a long, and breezy ride.

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University of Saint Thomas graduate. Minnesota-bred and happy to talk about the weather any time you’d like! Strongly believes any situation can be bettered by a slice of generously buttered toast or Phil Dunphy. Would get arrested to touch Justin Timberlake’s face. Always trying to be a better person by not wishing horrible karma on people driving slow in the fast lane. Hear more: @twitter @instagram


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2 Comments on “I’ve Got Pride & I’m Taking It For a Ride”

  1. June 12, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    I think it’s more important to ask questions than it is to appear to know things. That way you actually learn new information instead of just looking like you know it while you actually remain in the dark.

    How are you supposed to learn new things without asking questions?


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