Want to be a Classy Woman? Zenyatta Could Teach You Something

When I meet a real classy woman, I can just smell it sifting through her veins like Dior.  She presents herself with ease and balance. She lifts her head high but does not turn her chin on you. She exemplifies radiance and showcases gallant attitude. It radiates softly off of her well taken care of soul and does not leave her side. Have you met a classy woman? I’ve met quite a few – but none quite like the horsey woman inside the equine goddess, Zenyatta.

Well, if you’re not a horse racing fan like me, you probably have no idea who Zenyatta is, much less what she does.  Let’s start with the basics. She’s a racehorse. But not just any racehorse. In a normal human lifetime, many will not ever see such an extravagant animal like her. She’s absolutely stunning – a deep jet bay with a glorious white stripe down her face.  Her eyes are brown marble – elegant and sharp.

And only one of the few undefeated horses in history, with a flawless career at 17 of 17 wins. Being a filly in a field of men, Zenyatta has proven her strength on the track with stallions and mares. To see a girl racehorse beat out the powerful drive of a stallion – it is beyond impressive. Fillies are not physically built like a stallion. Zenyatta’s victory against the big boys (in the Breeder’s Cup) is like watching a woman conduct a hat-trick in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Besides her powerhouse physique, she has a sassy and confident attitude. Before a race, she dances. That’s right she actually dances. Like Beyonce. Watch this video of the pre-race at The Breeder’s Cup (one of the most pretentious races in the world). She arches her neck, rounds her back, swishes her tail softly and lifts her front legs high while outstretching them gracefully to the ground. Meanwhile, snorting and twisting her head in the air. She has attitude and like Beyonce – some sauce. Right after she let the boys stare at her pretty little tush, she did it again in the winner’s circle.

The style she races is classy as well. She sits in the back of the pack, (as if not to bother anybody) and explodes come the stretch. She passes horses like they are having lunch and drinking San Pellegrino. Her stride is the size of three massive victory hungry thoroughbreds.  And yet she doesn’t make it look difficult and walks off the track with more energy then she had before. She is a treat-and-a-half to watch. I highly suggest if you haven’t already, to watch her. She’s a performer, a class act and one helluva horsey lady.

Zenyatta sweats class, breaths it and lays it all over the racetrack. And I think we should all learn a little something from her. Seriously, before you endure anything in life – have the courage and confidence like she has. So much so you could strut your stuff and merrily dance in public. When it comes time to prove yourself, surprise everyone.  And when the opportunity arrises to show everyone what you’ve got, do it all over again.

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2 Comments on “Want to be a Classy Woman? Zenyatta Could Teach You Something”

  1. June 18, 2010 at 1:55 am #

    Insightful and classy………….. Keep on writing about the horses


    • June 23, 2010 at 6:47 pm #

      Thank you 🙂 I absolutely love everything there is to love about that super horse. No worries – I’ll never stop writing about the ponies.

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