Standards and Sports Cars

Human beings find comfort in routine. At least, I would like to think I do. I have a nice job which provides me consistent hours.  The same people always work there, the same things always happen. I travel to the same grocery store, dig into the same department store (ehem Len Druskin), order the same thing at the 5-star Mickey Dees and park in the same parking spot. . .on my parents driveway. We thrive for routine, it comes natural to us – and I think it is save to say we seek routine in the people we date.

I think we like to call it: having a type.

I have a type. I have no idea when it developed because I highly doubt it developed in my middle school bus when I had a crush on my skinny calved neighbor. Regardless, my type has developed into enjoying muscular calves and a certain kind of man. It seems a little foolish, but don’t we all have one? Naturally, I like a (not too clean cut) looking guy, whom has to love hockey, must be taller than me, and have a nice smile. He should have a good relationship with his Mom (but not too good) and be kind to animals. I don’t need a smoker and I can take a man that can drink (as long as he isn’t lifting his pinky on the neck of a cosmopolitan). Is that too much to ask?

Well, I’m single. I’m thinkin so.

So then I wondered: Is my type restricting? Am I simply trying too hard to a man to cater to my needs, when nobody out there is perfect? Is having ‘a type’ superficial, or something we should keep by our side – in order to maintain our values and be truly happy?

That is where ‘standards’ come in.

We all have standards in relationships and I think those are perfectly healthy and MUCH needed. You should never lower the bar, and especially on somebody as important as yourself. Standards are harmless judgments people can make according to their own standards. One’s moral background is an important factor in feeding a new relationship and that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether or not the man is a gentleman is a ‘standard.’ Because you understand he was brought up well and traditionally. Standards include; honesty, truthfulness, kind. You know the bit.

Having a type is a little different. I think a ‘type’ is a little more shallow and a little more superficial. It’s not necessarily permanent and it’s based on first impressions.  Is he tall enough? Does he have thick, nice hair? I hope he likes ‘The Office’ as much as I do. . .

Example:Think of it like a car

Type (i.e. upgrade): Sporty, Color, Luxury, sun roof, rims

Standards: Heat/Air, Automatic transmission, Power breaks

Having a type has no relation to how the car runs, but your standards do.  Therefore it is the standards that are most important in finding your significant other. ‘Your type’ is something you wouldn’t look for but would be nice if you had. Sometimes we are restricted by finding ‘a type’ and we fail to meet obvious standards. The car runs and as a matter a fact – it runs pretty well. Who cares if it doesn’t have hockey hair a sun roof?

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2 Comments on “Standards and Sports Cars”

  1. June 24, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    Well, as long as he likes Taco Bell more than Taco Johns, right? 🙂 Just kidding, Love. Seriously though, I partly agree. I don’t know that people really have types. Or maybe I am just weird. My boyfriend for the first half of high school was not someone that really turned heads let’s just say. He was terribly nice to me though and he made me happy. He was a shorter, non-athletic, blonde. In walks my prince charming…brown hair, gorgeous eyes and an athlete. Yep, loved them both to death…both completly different types. Now look where I’m at…short, blonde, flat-billed, Timbaland guy…hmm…do I have a type? Sometimes I even wonder if I have standards. Hmm… haha. Thanks for making me think so much!!! Great post, again.

  2. June 25, 2010 at 9:57 am #

    hahaha your last part ‘sometimes I even wonder if I have standards’ hehe. Me too. Good lord. But I see where you’re coming from with the types. I always thought I had one, and then I dated one “out of my type range.” The result? Biggest heartbreak of my life. Seriously, maybe once we get out of who we normally go for, those are the people you really end up liking. Hmmmmm. Oh blogs, making my mind run on over-drive.

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