Locals In New York Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Taking a Picture in Times Square

I’m currently sitting here in SoHo New York, as a blatant, tourist.   Reason #1: I found a local Starbucks immediately.  I feel like the locals wouldn’t want me at their sweet coffee shop down on Bedford Avenue and Starbucks makes me feel at home.  Well, I don’t have a fanny pack strapped nobly around my waist, but I’m definitely breaking my neck looking up to sky scrapers that looked like they popped one of those drugs Alice popped in Alice & Wonderland to grow up into the sky.

I’ve discovered one of my favorite things about NYC though is picking out the locals and studying them (in the non-creepiest way possible.  Here’s what the locals do, while the tourists (like my good self) wouldn’t do:

1. Stand so close to Subway doorways. Seriously, the stand so close I feel like they are going to Matrix their a$$’s into the divot below the Subway. And die there. Alone. In the dark. In a pile of McDonalds wrappers.

2. Read on the Subway: I didn’t even think to bring a novel to the Subway (which by the way, locals call “The Train.” I always side-wondered how people around here got any reading done.  For some odd and negative reason.  But it’s on a sticky seat in the train to Grand Station.

3. Go To Starbucks: I’m sitting here right now and every person inside has a wheely suitcase and a carry-on for their flight home later.

4. Go anywhere w/out headphones: This is another mistake I’ve made.  Especially after catching the wrong train (which toted me all the way to The Bronx. Lovely.

5. Buy ‘I Heart NY’ T-Shirts: The one thing I was asked by a local when I got here was, “Now, are you going to get your I Heart NY tee-shirts?” Um, no.  I may be a corn fed Minnesotan, but don’t even begin to believe I’m showing my face in Chelsea or SoHo with one of those suckers.

6. Act Like They Know What’s Goin’ Down: This only applys for 20-somethings that moved here within the last 3 months.  They. Think. They. Know. Everything about New York.  They know every turn in the Subway, they know every little place to visit, they love the extensive culture in museums, they love drinking Trader Joes wine and they hate Times Square.

7. They Run Out Into the Street: I don’t care if Fast and the Furious is being taped in NY, locals love sprinting out into the oblivion of road all over the city.  I wait patiently and don’t dare step onto the white crosswalk. It scares me.

Basically so far, I’ve learned NY locals are as quick and constantly entertained as New York itself.  I, on the other hand would still enjoy an iced tea in my porch with my mama.  But not over all of the shops I’m looking at outside of my window in SoHo right now. Cyabye kiddies! Time for Canal Street.

Also, for anyone traveling to the lovely NYC in the near future, I wanted to make a list of places I’ve been told (by locals) to visit:

Chelsea (art galleries and celebrity sightings i.e. Kardashians, Kate Hudson, Gisele)

West Villiage (celebrity sightings)

Upper East Side (anyone seen Gossip Girl? I want the real thing)

Meatpacking District (Sex & the City prime spot and cool bars)

High Line (unique park built over a train track)

Central Park (Columbus Circle)

Washington Square Park (swim in the fountain, NYU)

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One Comment on “Locals In New York Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Taking a Picture in Times Square”

  1. August 3, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

    Such perfect timing! I’ll be in NYC this weekend during the BlogHer conference, and I’ll be sure to pack a book and my headphones 🙂

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