Stuffing My Bucket List Full: What Do You Want to do Before You Die?

Because someday, I will do them all.  I know I recently did a post about the stress of a bucket list.  But, as much as it stresses me out, my bucket list lights a little flamed fire under my a$$.  My bucket list makes me feel adventerous.  And writing down the things I want to do always makes me feel accomplished.  Lastly, you never know!  Maybe you can gain some inspiration, on the inspiration I’ve lead upon myself.

Also, if I ever lose the current $1 Target notebook my Bucket List is written in right now, I’ll will be deeply saddened.  Thank you WordPress!

1. Kiss in the Rain (nope, still haven’t done this yet)

2. Write a Book, and publish it. “Write the novel you know that is inside of you.” (this is my ultimate DREAM)

3. Visit Pyramids

4. Be on a Kiss Cam, Jumbo-Tron – not with a hotdog.  The second one happened this summer.  I had a hotdog in my hand. 

5. Horseback ride on the beach

6. Go to Fashion Week – wearing Chanel, and not the perfume

7. Go to the Kentucky Derby

8. Paris

9. Learn how to Salsa

10. Learn how to bellydance (as uncoordinated as I am, this may take some time)

11. Swim with Dolphins (dammit Flipper, I blame this on you!)

12. Spend New Years in New York

13. Go on an African Safari (again, I blame this on Lion King)

14. Run a marathon (ok, even if it’s a very short one)

15. Gallop a Purebread Racehorse

16. Have a beer in Mexico

17. Grad school in California

18. Fall madly in love (with more than just The Food Network) helplessly and unconditionally

19. Give a strip tease (rawr)

20. Attend a major sporting event (preferably the Super Bowl or The Olympics, but let’s not get technical)

21. Wine tasting in Sonoma & Napa Valley (grape stomp, please)

22. Give your Mama a dozen roses, and tell her you love her – just because you can

23. Attend Jay Leno

24. Shower in a waterfall (I’ve done the shower-in-the-lake thing, I’m ready to move on)

25. Roadtrip across America with best friends

26. Visit a real “blues bar” in Chicago.  And, well, visit Chicago.  By visit, I mean SHOP.

27. Make love in a meadow. Yep, like Twilight.

28. Buy an amazing camera and get into photography

29. Shake hands with someone whom has truly changed the country.

30. Buy a corset/full blown lingerie set

31. See Cirques de Solei

32. Go to a gay bar

33. Ride a mechanical bull

34. Tame something wild…horse

35. See B. Spears in concert (aspirations)

36. Get your master’s degree!

37. Learn all there is to learn about wine.

38. See Machu Pichu

39. Walk a catwalk (I may be able to check this one off.  It was a small yoga clothes fashion show and I’m pretty sure I had a frontal wedgie the entire time – but that still counts right??)

40. Be in a photo shoot

41. Experience a box of puppies.  And buy one of them.

42. Own a REAL Louis Vuitton purse

43. Be less defensive and sensitive

44. Own a vespa

45. Kiss someone under a mistletoe

46. Get a brazillian bikini wax

47. Never drink an entire can of Four Loko

Time to get started.

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