Does Vacation Highlight What’s Really Important in Life?

Breckinridge, Colorado

As you know, I was absent for the entire weekend. That is because I took my poor a$$ to Breckenridge, Colorado to eat Coldstone and watch the many stoned and beautiful men roam around with a snowboard under their arm (did you know to every female in Denver there are seven males). That’s right, I said seven. Hanging out in Denver is like hanging out in the airwaves of a Black Ops level. Awesome, dude.

The weather was quite lovely there – forty degrees to seriously made me sweat just thinking about it.  Breckinridge was a lovely city.  I felt like a gingerbread midget under all of the mountains and amongst the cute village houses and couples skating and eating Coldstone together.  Eight of my friends and I soaked up the 11,000 altitude sunshine, drank Bloody Mary’s for breakfast and tried to perfect a breathing pattern for the thin oxygen intake.

Mid-vaca, my friend and I talked about how relieved we were to finally be on vacation.  We had come to terms that we weren’t worried about anything while we were there.  I wasn’t worried about all of the things that had been suffocating my mind for months; rent, boys, work, time, food, weight, shopping…whatever had filled my mind with worry and thoughts before (seriously INFESTED it) had completley left.  While I was on vacation, I worried about nothing.

Doesn’t this happen to everybody?  When you go on vacation, do you worry about anything?  I mean, I’m sure a few things leak into your mind flow but for the most part nothing bothers you.  When I go on vacation, a rolling pin of relief flattens me out.  And I lie there, smooth, happy, and close to the surface of a stress-free reality.

Then, my friend brought up a valid point: “If it takes nothing but physically getting up and leaving your current location to forget about these worries – were they even that important in the first place?”

Hmmm.  I was worried about liking a new boy, all of the time I wasted working, my rent check, my new job and exceeding in its position, missing my family…I was worrying about SO many things.  And she was right, I left the state and I forgot about everything.  If the things I was worried about were more important and prominent in my life, wouldn’t I remember them for a few days even if I left?  Or – are they still important, even if they find a way to escape my mind?

On another hand, does worrying and stressing about something really signify importance?  In a job, I can see this being a ‘yes.’  We worry about what we are passionate about, because we want to find success and happy memories within it.  And it’s up to us to make them.  But on yet another hand, things that are really important to us should not signify worry.  Things that are truly important should come so naturally, thinking about them and having them on our mind shouldn’t strike stress.  It should strike non-worry like feelings.  Happiness. Gleefulness.

When we leave something, truly leave the place we worry about it most, we are out of touch with that onslaught of feelings.  Feelings that maybe weren’t even very important in the first place.  While worries may not be important – they are there and we can’t ignore them.  We are thinking about things while we are on vacation, but they are happy things; so effortless and delicious, they come natural.  So natural, we can barely feel ourselves thinking about them.

{Breckinridge, Colorado}

Where Worries Are Ignored By Happy Thoughts

‘Worrying is like a rocking chair.  It keeps you busy – but gets you nowhere.’

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2 Comments on “Does Vacation Highlight What’s Really Important in Life?”

  1. January 27, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    I completely agree with your assessment of vacations. That’s why my favorite place is the lake…when I’m up there everything that seemed so important just isn’t anymore. It’s a nice way to put things into perspective. Your pictures of Breckenridge are gorgeous!

    • January 27, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

      Thank you very much! Since I’m from Minnesota, I can definitely be with you on going to the lake to escape. Such a blissful way to nonchalantly ignore life’s “problems” 🙂

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