My Moleskine Musings: Shell Sonnet

Courtesy of my Moleskine, This is what I come up with at midnight:


I look at the shell on my nightstand. It looks especially pink and especially prominent. I pick it up with my flush pink fingertips and could not get it to my earlobes fast enough. I want to hear it. I want to be there.

Quickly, I rush the shell to my ear. Lightly place it against my skin as if to graciously ask the shell to show me.

A small, artificial world closes up amongst my current surroundings and I open my ears to listen closely. I hear it. My hand remains light on its flushed edges. As if to encourage the shell with soft touch to give me more. I can hear each wave. The un-rushed salty waters massaging a sandy shore. I can hear every wave break and plumet its foamy palms up against the beaches’ blanket of pebbles, seashells, sea creatures. I see shadows of seagulls against its heavenly blue. I see dolphins, smartly dodging the waters. I see a world. I see an ocean.

I do not want to let it go but I have to. I can’t imagine my mind having the ability to fill in so much that I see. How can it be possible? For the ocean to be able to speak to me? I rip the shell from my ear and gaze at it’s magic. And I wonder. How can something I fit into my hand, capture something that wraps around the entire world?

This wonder will continue, until the hallow shell suffocates my ears with air and anonymous sound.

Hallow Shell
Epilogue to Ocean:

I pick up the seashell with my calm and unmanicured fingers. I let dust particles of calcium pepper my fingerprint ridges. It feels heavy in my hand – the ridges bumpy and tight – like the skin on my face lately.

Slowly, I bring the seashell to my ear. Press the cold ocean bone against my skin. Grasp its neck. Listen. And I hear it.

My ears swallow its soft hum. An ocean hum. A constant hum. I see water and sunlight dappling its waves. I see sun and continuous vastness. I feel air fill up my eardrums. I pull the seashell away. The hum stutters suddenly. I bring it back in, against my face. The hum continues – like a magical mini wind tunnel. Like sound captured in a hallow shell.

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