3 Things I Learned From Girls Weekend

MY GIRLS. They’ve been right by my side throughout all of the toughest times, the ugliest times, the funniest times. They’re like the staple pair of jeans I always wear when I want to be sexy and comfortable. They are my knights (knightettes-I made up a girl word for knights!) in shining armor. I have fun with them if I’m driving to the gas station for chasers listening to Bon Jovi. I have fun with them when we are hungover and watching Color Splash on HGTV. On a Wednesday. I have fun when fun isn’t planned and I’m not even in the mood for it. That’s what girlfriends are there for.

But, good lord–it’s been hard to hang out with my crazy little posse since I’ve graduated. That “girl time” has been diminished into my selfish cravings for “me time” and an ongoing desire to keep canceling plans to relax and watch the entire season of Modern Family alone. In one day. My failure to hang out with mygirlfriends is an innocent mistake, but when me and my five college ladies planned a weekend (annual) getaway last weekend, I couldn’t help but get that little tingle of excitement in my veins to spend some time with people that make me feel fresh and fabulous. It’s real people; you can push time away from your clusterf*ck of a schedule, for your friends.

We had a wonderful weekend. We went to a casual wine tasting, explored an apple orchard, took half shots of tequila and played five hours of Scattergories amidst squealing our heads off with laughter. On top of having the best weekend ever, I learned a few things along the way.

1. Not Much as Changed

For some reason, ever since college graduation I feel like my girlfriends and I are “programmed” to drift apart. It’s nothing I plan, it’s just something I expect because I’m an asshole. All of my girlfriends have serious boyfriends. I don’t. At all. I don’t even take care of a goldfish — what are we going to have in common if we don’t even have college in common anymore!?!? But the minute we all jumped in that car to road trip to my friend’s cabin, everything went back together like a 50-piece puzzle. Into a beautiful little zoo photo. Because we are all crazy and I love it.

2. Laughing Gives You Wrinkles, And Clinique Anti-Wrinkle Cream Will Fix It

I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. And I forgot how much I learn from hanging out with my girlfriends. We sit in a gigantic circle and chat about well, everything. What makeup is everyone using? Should I switch my moisturizer? What is best, missionary or doggie style? Is it OK to bitch at your roommate if the dishes aren’t clean and they aren’t yours? Somehow, I had forgotten what a fabulous support system my girls brought to the table. And I never want to let it go.

3. A Little Bit More About Myself

In the end, hanging out with my girlfriends teaches me a lot about myself. Whether it’s because of what we do together (wine tasting: I learned I love a full-bodied cabernet) or if it’s because they actually laugh at all of my dumb jokes (Scattergories: I learned I love a full-bodied weirdo like myself). My girlfriends still give me all of the room I need to be myself.

The moral of my little story is to never rule out a lot of time for your friends-even if you’re a busy freakshow. Because not much changes, they can teach you so much about yourself. So if you haven’t seen them in a while…plan that weekendaway and be that love cult that stuck together all throughout college; when I’m pretty sure they saw you at your sloppiest.

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University of Saint Thomas graduate. Minnesota-bred and happy to talk about the weather any time you’d like! Strongly believes any situation can be bettered by a slice of generously buttered toast or Phil Dunphy. Would get arrested to touch Justin Timberlake’s face. Always trying to be a better person by not wishing horrible karma on people driving slow in the fast lane. Hear more: @twitter @instagram


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