Washington DC: A Juicy Slice of History

Washington DC is magical. Magical in a way that it kind of looks like a college campus and has a lot of flat rolling green fields and stationary pools of water. Last week, we flew into Washington DC for a 10 hour layover. I got to shimmy all of my sh*t into the Crown Plaza Hotel in Crystal City and take the subway (that looked like the inside of a batman movie) to the city. I must say, Washington DC is like a large, outdoor museum. It was hard for me to understand that people actually lived there, when so much history was seeping into my pores.

Also, Washington DC marked my very first layover as a flight attendant. And it didn’t disappoint. Here is what I noticed about the fabulous place:

1. Like I mentioned before, Washington DC is like a college campus. With less beer and more learning. Everyone plays frisbee, there are cops everywhere and large color coordinated brick buildings.

2. Whenever I saw a war veteran touring a memorial, I couldn’t help but feel my heart heat up. They looked so calm and careful, as if they were taking in every memory and piece of past that they could. Veterans in Washington DC match the memorials themselves, fitting perfectly there. Like giant living puzzle pieces in a well told story.

3. My favorite portion of our (10am-5:30pm) personal city tour, was the white house. However, it is a lot smaller than I’d planned in person. The best part though was that every building in Washington DC is an off white color. When you finally see the white house, it’s stark white. It sticks out so gallantly. And for once, the squirrel that roamed in Michelle’s garden had it better than me. A squirrel has it better than me.

Here’s what I saw:

The Capitol. Wistful and triumphant. By a STILL POOL OF WATER.

The architecture everywhere was intricate and amazing.


Patriotic archway along the stone walls of the Washington DC Post Office.


Ugh, amazing.


Brick shading. Detail.


Probably a casual sniper chilling on the roof of The White House. Hi there!


"The Other White House" **This homeless person has been living in a tent for 7 years behind The White House. Wow.


Fenced off apartment full of cops and dark suburban. Also behind The White House. I smell embassy.




Mad creepin.


World War II Memorial. Such a relaxing, serene and beautiful place.


Another WWII Memorial. Loved the symmetry of flat bottom trees and calm water.




Always, always--Remember.

Finally, what I liked MOST about Washington DC? The calmness. It’s so amazing that in a place of remembrance and raw history–veterans and people coming to pay tribute can reside in such a serene place. Calm water, open fields of rolling green grass, benches, winding endless tree trunks, soft cream colored buildings and statues. Statues that capture powerful moments of America’s story.

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