French Women Living: Moments

Do you ever stop to pay attention to the details? That’s what French women do. They roll around in things like cat’s roll around in a sunny spot. I want that. I want to take something and really feel it. I want to do it by living in the moment. Because a week later, I could be craving it again. Craving whatever I felt when it happened during that small, simple moment. It doesn’t matter if these things are moments you miss or things you are DYING to take back. They just have to be there.

What happens when I don’t live in the moment:

I feel guilty for sucking at dating and ruining everything. I’ve been having sudden urges to change things and get the ball rolling on exciting side projects but haven’t found the jumping motivation (or money) to really begin them. I want to be somebody. Like really be somebody. Why hasn’t that cute guy at the bar called me, even though I was ballsy enough to give him my number? Am I ever going to get married? Ugh, WHY haven’t I painted my basement yet??

What happens when I live in the moment:

I’m sitting indian style (legs crossed, elbows resting on my thighs). My thumb is sore because it’s dry. It’s hitting the keys and every time I hit the spacebar I curse inside. I’m thirsty. Maroon Five is blaring in my ears, slightly fuzzy because of my old headphones. A soft pool of light is covering me. My silk pillowcases are touching my side. My whole entire family is home—sleeping. It’s late. Everything is peaceful and I’m doing exactly what I’ve wanted to do for weeks—writing about nothing. It feels refreshing to not have makeup on my face. It feels even more refreshing to be alone but know the people most important to me are within twenty feet or a phone call.

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University of Saint Thomas graduate. Minnesota-bred and happy to talk about the weather any time you’d like! Strongly believes any situation can be bettered by a slice of generously buttered toast or Phil Dunphy. Would get arrested to touch Justin Timberlake’s face. Always trying to be a better person by not wishing horrible karma on people driving slow in the fast lane. Hear more: @twitter @instagram


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