The Things She Carried


So, I’ve been taking this descriptive writing class and I learned SO MUCH. Seriously, my brain exploded it was awesome. One of the favorite things I learned was how to describe a fictional character by describing “what they carry.” Yes, just like in the book “The Things They Carried,” Only-I’m totally describing a confused and idiotic 20-something chick-not a heroic marine.

Here is what I came up with. The universal 20-something girl:

‘The Things She Carried’

  • Tattered US Weekly magazine with the pages from an eyeliner application tutorial ripped out and a picture of Channing Tatum
  • Revlon lipstick without the cap and a pushed in tip—tangerine orange. “Orange You Glad” it’s named. “Orange You Glad You Lost the Cap” she thinks this play on words is punchy and funny
  • A $6 ballpoint pen because writing in her diary has become an important/self righteous art
  • A fortune pulled from a stale cookie at American Thailand that reads; “Your friends have your back but those legs are your own responsibility.”
  • A crumpled list of “Will Nots” –I will not stalk my X-boyfriend on Facebook. I will not drink more than two Rolling Rocks at happy hour. The ink is severely smudged on that portion. She will let it slide, she supposes.
  • Twelve carefully placed Essie polishes. All with clear names, all with crafted reasoning as to why each color has a feeling and purpose to wear.
  • Coffee cup, as once filled to the brim is now collecting a ring of caffeine ¼ of the way full, cold expresso
  • Pennies. Lots of them. In a grimy pile at the gaping bottom; heavy, in abundance, and ½ face-side up.

I think you should try it! It was quite wonderful and specific details really make a fictional character real. Oh and fiction is really just re-birthed memories so…I may have pulled some information above from my own experiences.

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